Bravely Default - Friends and Foes ?! 
Bravely Default - Edea’s Garb


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Yuu is the 16-year-old leader of his squad of three musketeers. A shot of Yuu’s house in the top scan. He and his peeps Jean and Nicolai were meant to guard Agnes. The three of them eventually meet up with Magnolia and form a party. 

Agnes also acts as the navigator in this game on the bottom screen, not completely unlike what Airy did in Bravely Default.

New job called Tomahawk. Amy is the asterisk holder, and she’s from the good ole nation of flowers. She quietly lives in the area with her people and can supposedly communicate with the spirits. She uses a rifle which also works as an axe. Amy was designed by abec (Sword Art Online). 


The Art of Bravely Default.

Really good artbook. The book is divided into 3 sections, namely, Bravely Default Flying Fairy/Bravely Default For the Sequel, Bravely Default Praying Brage, and a special gallery.

256 pages of Akihiko Yoshida awesomeness.


I like that Yoshida did this little hair-colored plumes trick in both games.


Vagrant Story


Tactics Ogre characters with Gildas W. Byrne’s beard.