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Cover for a Square-Enix vinyl music record called ‘SQ TRAX.’ Art by Akihiko Yoshida.

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Agnes Noblesse Oblige in Bravely Second!!

I deeply apologize for my absence. I’ve been pretty involved in my own personal art projects (yep, your friendly neighborhood mod is an aspiring artist), along with vacation and work, and forgot to bolster the queue! Now I can’t promise daily posting, but with more stuff coming out about Bravely Second, for one thing, that should give me more material. 

I am also working on making an organized tags list for easier searching. I went and changed a bunch of tags about a year ago, but some old posts escaped my notice so it’s time for another overhaul. 

As always if you have any questions let me know!


Hi! My name is Max! Thanks for this wonderful resource! This is a works of genius. I often turn to your resource for inspiration. I would like to ask. I'm looking for a big illustrations of Final fantasy tactics. Could you give me a link to other resources with large pictures? In particular I need Ramza (in dark armor with thorns) and Orlandu big art. Thank you! =)

I can look, but I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted/reblogged every FFTactics art I could find.

EDIT: Here’s Orlandu that I posted a ways back

I found a larger version here

As for Ramza, here’s his post

Afraid I couldn’t find a larger version of that one. :(

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this may seem like an odd message but thank you so much! i wanted to cover akihiko as an artist for my final minor but i wasn't sure what environment he has done. i've been desperate to find out if he had done the loading screens and work for FFXIV - so thank you!!

Glad to be of service! :)

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Bravely Second article in this week’s Famitsu. Nice Yoshida illustration of Agnes, a look at Magnolia in some job outfits, and the reveal that there will be demos for BS, just like the first game.

Also an interview with the new composer, Ryo of Supercell fame.

Really excited for this one.